Job opening: Internship

Are you looking for a challenging graduation project/internship at an innovative, fast-growing and technical company? Are you a real self-starter that thinks in possibilities instead of impossibilities? Are you passionate and are you looking for a worthwhile and educational internship assignment? Then continue reading!

Who are we?

Online Payment Platform is a fast-growing FinTech scale-up that solely focuses on online marketplaces and platforms. We were founded in 2012 with our head office in Delft, meanwhile we also established an office in Antwerp (Belgium) and Berlin (Germany) and more will follow soon.

We are an innovative company consisting of 40+ close colleagues. In the past yeras, Online Payment Platform has proven to be an important player in the online payment world. Besides large customers such as ANWB, PayPal, Universities and eBay Kleinanzeigen, we also count Marktplaats to our customer database and we already facilitate a growing group of approximately 150+ marketplaces and platforms all over Europe.

In fact, we know for sure that you had to deal with Online Payment Platform yourself as well! Have you ever heard of ‘Gelijk Oversteken/ Equal crossing’?

Online Payment Platform enables payment processes on platforms, not only business to business (B2B), but also business to consumer (B2C) and the first to offer consumer to consumer (C2C) payments. Meanwhile, we do this for millions of sellers!

We strive to make the world of online payments easier and more secure, on a place where we believe in: platforms and marketplaces. In the Netherlands, this mission has taken on a well-defined shape and our goal is to realise this mission all over Europe in the upcoming years! Will you support us with this mission in this fantastic adventure?

What kind of internships do we have?

We have enough possibilities! We offer internships in the field of sales, marketing and support, but we also offer the possibility for technical internships such as at our development department. Regardless of our high expectation in independence, we won’t let you hanging and you will receive the necessary guidance from your internship coach.

What kind of assignments could we offer?

We like to form an internship assignment together with you, causing an assignment to be formulated according to school requirements, an assignment that is interesting and challenging for you and beneficiary for us. To provide you with an overview, we listed some options:

> Transaction trends

Determining trends, transaction expectations and other remarkable changes in transaction volumes and more. To combine these details with expected increasing business at the support or compliance departments and possibly automatically scale the infrastructure.

> Fraud monitoring

Noticing alterations in transactions between merchants based on remarkable amounts or transactions like using specific terms referring to illegal trading and to prevent these as well as informing the compliance department.

> Customer profiling

Using location and other customer data in monitoring as wel as user experience (A/B tests) to optimize the user experience.

> Financial market trends

Generate a system that points out trends in the financial market and that generates periodical report based on these trends in order to determine what is going on in the market and how we can act on it as payment service provider.

> Microservice architecture

Research the scalability and performance of different programming languages and determine which language is most suitable for different fields whilst looking at maturity, stability, security and speed of learning the language. Based on an existing dataset and prototype building to measure, test and confirm the results.

> Meta/ big data storage solutions

Reserach to various big data and/or mega data storage possibilities and how data can be stored and read out fast and how to implement this (for example as an internal search engine).

> Market reserach

Researching the European Market. If we want to expand abroad, which country and which method will be best? Who our competitors are, where to expect bottlenecks, what the needs and wants are, etc.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a passionate, independent HBO graduation intern that thinks in possibilities instead of impossibilities. Someone who is enthusiastic, vibrant and totally feeling it to do an internship at OPP. Are you ready to rock and roll?

What do we offer?

If you are going to do an internship at Online Payment Platform, we can guarantee you that you will end up in a fun and strong team that does not hesistate to criticise and especially does not hesitate to compliment. Successes are celebrated and mistakes are learning points. You wil collaborate on a service and product that facilitates secure online payments between consumers and businesses on large and international platforms. Since we are an innovative company, we are very curious for your ideas and creative applications.

Furthermore, we offer a market conform internship allowance, flexible working hours, daily lunch and fun get-togethers and trips.


Are you enthusiastic and do you think an internship at Online Payment Platform is perfect for you? Then we would like to get to know you! Send your motivation and resume to Danielle Ruijs at

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Acquisition, in any form whatsoever, is not appreciated.