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Create fast and secure payment flows between people or businesses.

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Handle millions of transactions efficiently

When dealing with marketplace payments, OPP has the tools and experience to make journeys user-friendly and safe.

  • Instant payouts
  • Split funds
  • Easy onboarding
  • Assurance of funds and goods
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Disputes and mediation

Online trading can cause issues between users. We help you ensure those are resolved quickly.

  • First and Second-Line support
  • Mediation system
  • Dedicated FAQ
  • Phone support

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Easy collect & pay pipelines

With our open API you'll be onboarding users and processing payments in no time.

  • Your own stack
  • Slack support
  • Integration assistance
  • Easy documentation

Leverage our huge variety of payment methods

Let your users pay each other with payment methods that suit their preference. We offer over 90 payment methods worldwide!

Annemarie Buitelaar
CEO Adevinta Benelux (Marktplaats &
We've been successfully collaborating with OPP for years to ensure that millions of Marktplaats users enjoy a seamless and secure payment experience.
Tim van Oerle
Founder Nature House
OPP helped us tremendously with the entire integration of payments with our platform. What is the result of this? Checkout is entirely within our own design. The guest does not have the idea that there is a PSP behind it. A truly seamless payment experience is achieved with this.
Marlize van Bodengraven
COO Semmie
Online Payment Platform is at the forefront of new developments and is very knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the payments landscape. They are also always willing to think with us about how things can be done even smarter, faster and better.
Mark Gombert
Lead Productmanager Finance Innovation
You can see that there is a lot of experience and knowledge at OPP regarding platform dynamics. With the solution they have created, we can continue to grow and build on our position as the leading, innovative platform for the global floriculture market.

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Business identification
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Merchant interface
Multi-split payments
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Refunds & chargebacks
Personal support
Stack agnostic
First-Line support
Dispute meditation
Phone support
Development Slack channel
Focus on platforms & marketplaces
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