Partner interface

With Online Payment Platform you automatically get access to the partner interface that provides you with a full understanding of everything that is going with your users and their payments.

One interface to govern your complete platform’s financial ecosystem

Easy to understand

Designed for people, no complex industry jargon and accessible on any device.

Enjoyable data

You want to know exactly what is happening on your platform, we make it effortless to see how payments and users are performing.

Clear cashflow

We keep track of everything, so that you know exactly who is getting what, and when.
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Your way any day

Build your own interfaces

With our open API you can completely build your own interfaces from scratch

  • Your own stack
  • Slack support
  • Security first
  • Easy SDK

Leverage our huge variety of payment methods

Let your users pay each other with payment methods that suit their preference. We offer over 90 payment methods worldwide!

Analyse to your hearts content

It's important to know how your platform is performing. With our partner interface you will find what you're looking for without any distractions.

You can see that there is a lot of experience and knowledge at OPP regarding platform dynamics.

Mark Gombert

Chief Technical Officer

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“Since we switched to Online Payment Platform we have gotten a serious ton of positive feedback from our developers. Their API is incredibly intuitive.”

Dylan de Heer

Chief Technical Officer

Heartbeat of your business

Utilize Heartbeat to access live metrics, as you observe real-time payment and onboarding activities animated on a global map.

New feature
Open beta starting soon
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