Discover how we empower platforms and millions of merchants with amazing payment capabilities.

Marketplace and platform payments done right.


Creating payments on your platform or marketplace has never been this easy and flexible. 

Starting off with the ability to create a straightforward single payment on your platform to a merchant.


If you wish to charge a service fee with each payment simply use our split payment option to split a part of the funds to the platform.


Using Multi-Split you can split a transaction into virtually as many parts as you wish and divide them to underlying merchants on your platform.


In order to provide a buyer with additional safety or control, you can add escrow to any payment which allow you to decide on which parameters the funds are released towards the merchant.


If your platform or your merchants process recurring payments, simply use our recurring payments mechanism with mandates for SEPA, Creditcard and PayPal.

"Online Payment Platform makes it easy to pay each other online and increase trust and success."

Maurice Barten | Head Business Development


PSD2 Compliant

You want your sellers to be able to accept payments easily and globally via various payment methods.

As a payment service provider, licensed by the Dutch Central Bank, we are PSD2 compliant and ensure that your payment solution complies with the European PSD2 and GDPR legislation.

So you can facilitate payments for businesses and consumers without managing or touching the funds or sensitive personal data.


Verified Sellers

You want a secure and scalable platform with trustworthy sellers.

The common goal is to allow easy onboarding of sellers while excluding fraudulent ones.

Leverage our experience with millions of merchants and billions in processing volume to make your environment safer every day.


Multi-Split Payments

You want the buyer to perform only one payment while paying multiple merchants and platform service fees.

Our multi-split payment features provide the flexibility to split one transaction into multiple payouts.


Dispute Handling

Sometimes there is a misunderstanding or mishap between buyers and sellers and there is a discussion about the payment.

Can't buyer and seller work it out? Our independent support can help take the decision based on set agreements.


Escrow Solution

You may want to create an environment where people can pay and receive additional assurance on the delivery of products or services.

With escrow you can control the payout of a transaction to make sure certain conditions have been met before the funds are paid out to the merchant.


Platform Insights

To provide the best service to your users, you always want to know exactly what is going on with payments and sellers on your platform.

All relevant information is directly available through our API and we offer live statistics in a beautiful interface for both the platform and the sellers.

Platform payments done right.

We give it all to deliver the best possible solution for managing sellers and their payments
on platforms and marketplaces





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