The security of your payments and data are of vital interest to us.


Your security is of our
utmost importance.

Online Payment Platform attaches great importance to the security of payments on the Internet. Our systems continuously contribute to improving security and reducing fraud on the Internet and trading platforms. 

Securing online payments is a shared responsibility and everyone can contribute their share. On this page you will find an overview of how you can also contribute to a secure Internet environment and online payments. 


Only use 'safe' websites

If you enter personal information, a password or make a payment on a website, make sure that the communication with that website is secure. 

You can recognize this by the prefix https:// starting the domain name (for example: ) and some browsers will show a lock in the bar where the web address (url) is shown. 


Latest version of your software

New vulnerabilities are regularly found in the software you use. Developers of software release updates to patch these (security) vulnerabilities. 

Make sure that your operating system, browser and applications (such as Apps) are always updated to the latest version.


Secure Passwords

Use secure passwords that are at least 12 characters long and contain a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and characters. 

Do not use obvious names or words. Use different passwords for each site or application and save them in a password manager and not in a separate text file on your computer/device. 

Change your passwords regularly (at least once a year) and especially if you suspect that someone else has had access to your computer / device or application.

What do we do ourselves?

Online Payment Platform always provides a secure website and application, for reliable communication and continuously checks and tests its organization and systems for quality and security assurances.


We monitor our network 24/7 to ensure early detection of undesirable behaviour or use of our systems.


All employees who work with your information are checked for reliability and integrity.


To guarantee continuous availability and reliability back-ups and infrastructural alternatives have been set up.

Foundation Online Payments

Foundation Online Payments (Stichting Online Betalen) takes care of the handling of our third party funds. If you pay via us or receive a payment, this will be handled via the bank accounts or PayPal account of Stichting Online Betalen. These accounts also contain the funds that we hold for our 'Equal Crossing' and escrow service. 

Online Payment Platform and Stichting Online Betalen are licensed as payment service providers of De Nederlandsche Bank.

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