Account Closing Policy

Account closing policy

To close your account with Online Payment Platform, you can submit a request to our support desk. The closing of the account will then be initiated by us. You can submit this request via

We do not charge any fees for maintaining an account with Online Payment Platform. However, we do expect you to keep us actively informed of any changes. If no transactions or changes have taken place on an account for a period of 24 months, we will close this account. If money remains in your account for more than 3 months, we are allowed to charge a 10% per month retention fee with a minimum of €10.

When your account is closed, your data will be anonymised or deleted by us, with the exception of the data that we are required to keep for legal purposes. This data will be anonymised at the end of the legal retention period.

Any outstanding funds or settlements will be paid out to you when you close your account if you have met all the conditions (such as identification). If you have not met the requirements or do not have an approved linked bank account, the funds will be forfeited to us. 

If your account is closed, you can always reapply to open an account with us. You must follow the usual application procedure.