Providing a private and secure environment is at the heart of our company.


Your privacy is of vital importance to us

You have confidence in our payment systems and share important personal data with us. We provide you with easy insights and overview into what data we collect, what we use this data for and with whom we may share your data.

We only collect personal data to ensure that payment services run smoothly and in order to comply with our legal obligations. We only share this information with other parties if this is necessary for the payment service or required by law.


In a simple structure
and language

We summarized our privacy policy for you  on this page with clear illustrations, a good overview and clear language.


- Call title

- First name, initials and surname

- Address details

- Telephone number (mobile)

- E-mail address

- Identity card

- Bank account with name

- Unique address of your device (IP)

- Unique hardware data (Mac)

- Unique software data (Version)

- Payment transaction data


- With the other party, only if necessary (e.g. name and address for the payment and shipment of a product).

- With parties for which you have given express permission.

- With the police or government agencies in case of suspicion of fraud, violations or crimes.

- If we are legally obliged to provide data.


- You can ask us what information we have registered about you. You can do this via our support website

- You can update your details with us. 

- You can ask us to remove your data, we will then only remove the data that we do not have to keep in accordance with our legal obligation.


- We encrypt and store your personal data in a secure environment that is monitored 24/7. 

- Only our employees who need your information for their work can view it. 

- All our employees who work with your personal data have been checked for reliability.

Manage and delete data

You can consult us at any time to see what information we have registered about you by logging into your account with Online Payment Platform. 

Do you want us to delete your data? Then create a ticket at our support page. We will delete all data as requested that we do not need to keep for legal reasons. You will then no longer be able to use the services of Online Payment Platform unless you re-register.

Customer support


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