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Payments Good Friday and Easter

On Good Friday and during the Easter weekend we process the payouts as you would expect from us. However, due to the fact that the banks are not fully operational during holidays, it is possible that you will receive the payouts on Tuesday during the course of the day.

Ask your question to our support department by creating a ticket. Our team will respond to your ticket within two working days. Are you a merchant? Please log in before creating a ticket, so we can help you better and faster.

Foundation Online Payments takes care of a safe and reliable handling of third party funds.


You are a seller and received a transaction using our services on a marketplace.

Please login to your account and create a ticket so our support team can assist you.


You made a payment on a marketplace or platform using our services.

Please create a ticket and our support team will assist you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How do I create an account?

If you have received transactions via Online Payment Platform then it is possible to log in to view your transaction history. Within your account you can also see if any actions are required before payouts can take place again. You can create an account at most platforms / marketplaces where you receive the payments yourself.

When do I receive my money?

Payouts are processed every business day. However an additional verification may be required because you have reached a volume threshold.

How can I register for the service as a PEP?

If you are a Political Exposed Person (PEP) and want to use the services of OBP, a request can be made to apply for a PEP account. You may do so by creating a ticket above. The request will then be assessed. After acceptance it is possible to use our services.

Click here for more explanation and information about Political Exposed Person.

Foundation Online Payments

Foundation Online Payments (Stichting Online Betalen) takes care of the handling of our third party funds. If you pay via us or receive a payment, this will be handled via the bank accounts or PayPal account of Stichting Online Betalen. These accounts also contain the funds that we hold for our 'Equal Crossing' and escrow service. 

Online Payment Platform and Stichting Online Betalen are licensed as payment service providers of De Nederlandsche Bank.